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Office Hours

Much of my work at Uber relates to making the Driver Operations Team's work easier and more efficient. As we invested time to shadow the driver office hours process, we began to understand how hectic and disorganized the process had become, as more and more drivers joined the service.

I brainstormed and whiteboarded the information that would be most useful when approaching a conference room door. This process revealed that some of our biggest challenges revolved around finding impromptu meeting space. Based on this insight, we sought a way to allow for easy "on demand" booking, as well as an avenue to find open rooms elsewhere in the office. I sketched out a variety of potential solutions and transitioned to wireframes shortly after.

Once we had reached a viable starting point, the developer and I collaborated closely and iterated quickly to create a solid deliverable that would be immediately useful to the company.. After 3 days of working in our spare time, we had developed a working prototype, along with a plan to deploy iPads to each conference room.

In a matter of a week, we were able to move from idea to implementation and produce an iPad App that is now used religiously by everyone at HQ. In fact, our app is now being prepared for use in our field offices, as well.


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